About Us

all-weather COATINGS have been developed from over thirty-years of experience in the coatings industry and have become a leader in the field.

Our coating systems our designed to give you options to meet any budget, and each of our options are better than the alternatives.

What sets us apart?

  • We manufacture all of our products and assure that quality and care is taken from the production of the materials to the shipping process and through the installation.
  • We are the only coating system of this kind to offer up to a 30-year warranty.
  • We are the only coating system of this kind to incorporate four independent layers in our system offering the ultimate in weather and temperature changes protection.
  • All of our warranties are backed by a National Warranty Program that comes direct from the manufacturer.
  • Our coatings are flexible and vapor permeable and we do not use ceramic fillers. Ceramics are brittle and conductors of heat. Ceramic fillers originate as ash deposits from Coal Plants in China and are very harsh on spray equipment also.
Questions? Ask our experts.