• EZ-Fill patching compound was developed as a way to keep our installations consistent. Powdered compounds that are mixed on the job are very inconsistent depending on who is mixing. We developed EZ-Fill to be applied directly to the surface with no mixing of water.
  • EZ-Fill is flexible and sandable. It can be used to make drywall repairs without the need for tape. It is also ideal for bridging cracks in walls before applying coating systems or paint.
  • EZ-Fill is used by window installers to skim in repairs made when replacing windows. It is used by trim carpenters for filling nail holes, or skimming blemishes on doors prior to painting.
  • EZ-Fill is used in the coating systems provided by all-weather COATINGS to fill in cracks, chips, or small stucco repairs prior to applying the systems. It is the number one choice of all-weather COATINGS because of its consistency, flexibility and sand-ability.
  • EZ-Fill comes in white and pink. The pink is preferred and requested by installers who work on light colored walls in the sun so they can see where they have already made repairs.
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