• EAGLE water repellent was developed from the same high-standards we use in all of our coating systems to repel water from porous materials.
  • EAGLE water repellent will keep moisture from absorbing into the brick, stone, and mortar of a building that will eventually break down the mortar leaving the materials to become unstable.
  • When moisture soaks into a brick or stone wall it becomes a conductor of the outside temperature so when the sun comes back out after a storm that heat will transfer through the moisture that is now in the walls. As the sun dries out the mortar and brick or stone it will create thermal shock from the extreme temperature changes which will cause cracking.
  • EAGLE water repellent will shed the water from the building protecting it from thermal shock, temperature transfer to the interior of the building and prolonging the life of the facade.
  • EAGLE water repellent comes with a 5-year labor and material warranty on all vertical surfaces.
  • EAGLE water repellent can also be applied to horizontal surfaces and comes with a 1-year labor and material warranty.
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